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Our company, Istana Diesel has been established since 1987. We sell various types of diesel engine spareparts. As the time goes by, our company continuously improve the quality standard of the product with MKK brand. Besides the quality of the product, our company’s service level has always improving time by time. As the demand grows strong from the end user and our dealers for high standard quality, Istana Diesel launched TPR and NPPN brands. Year 2007, our company started to offer many types of products such as chainsaw, gasoline engine, brush cutter, and various type of agricultural machine.

Istana Machineries provide three brands with ranges of quality and affordable price; MKK TPR and NPPN products. These products are established since 2007 in Indonesia. Our company distributes various kinds of agricultural machine, diesel engine and gasoline engine. The company sees the need of the farmers, fishermen, home industrial, and other sectors in improving their productivity and its efficiency in production method. Until now, the company continues to serve the customers through our dealer in all Indonesia’s province. Istana Machineries grow by delivering its customers ‘needs with high standard of quality. 

As our company grows, our service commitment to our dealers and customers keep improving. In 2015, we would like to help community and our dealer so that they will know our product quality and our product type that we offer. Thus, our company provides information through our website “Istana Machineries”. We hope that the community can get our product easier from our nearest dealer.